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Gruby [Fatso]

Michał Michalski


Spodziewana premiera:

A powerful coming-of-age novel.

On the backdrop of post-Communist Poland where making ends meet was an everyday struggle for most, unfolds a story of boyhood, first friendships, coming of age and social exclusion.

Fatso, also known as Porky even to his mates, returns from a holiday paramilitary organisation camp. The boy was sent there by his grandmother in the hopes of toughening him up a bit. The goal is achieved only in part: while he sheds extra weight, the boy remains Porky to all the kids who knew him. Constantly subject to mockery, bullying and physical violence, he soon gains back the pounds he’s lost.

The boy’s life finally changes for the better with the arrival of Sebastian, one year his senior, who joins Porky’s class. Alongside Mareczek, Porky’s sole friend to date, the boys form an unbreakable trio. That is, until their first encounters with drugs.

Release date: Spetember 2023

Excerpts in Spanish available.

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Praise for Gruby:

Unapologetically rough around the edges, Michalski’s novel thuds with swearwords, street language and the naturalism of the youth. … Boyishly sharp, the author ruthlessly acknowledges the fact that the world of children and teenagers mirrors the animal kingdom: anything that sets a child apart from the pack can and will be used against them.

– Marcin Kube, Rzeczpospolita