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Wniebogłos [To High Heaven]

Aleksandra Tarnowska


Spodziewana premiera:

One of the finest Polish debuts in recent years.

The Polish countryside of the 1970s, as seen through the eyes of a child. Twelve-year-old Rysiek from the village of Tuklęcz harbours just one dream: to play and sing in a village music band. The hitch is that he lacks both an instrument and the courage to broach the subject with his father, a gravedigger. In the afternoons, the father takes Rysiek to the cemetery; the boy’s job is to help prepare graves for the still-breathing family members. As they finish working on the graves, people begin to pass away, and the father tries to pin the blame on his young son who sang funeral songs around the living. Rysiek is beginning to believe that his voice possesses unique qualities. And yet, he refuses to abandon his dream of singing in the band.

Aleksandra Tarnowska graduated from the department of Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw and currently lives in Gaziantep, Turkey. Born in 1990 in Staszów, Aleksandra grew up in a small town she still fondly recalls and where she tries to spend at least a few months each year. Aside from writing, she engages in proofreading as an editor for the literary magazine Szorty. Her short stories have been featured in various literary magazines, such as Drobiazgi, Malkontenty, and Helikopter. She loves overly sweet tea and radio theatre. Wniebogłos marks her debut novel.

Release date: May 2023

Excerpts in English, Spanish, French and German available.


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Praise for Wniebogłos:

Wniebogłos by 33-year-old Aleksandra Tarnowska is impeccable. I could hardly believe it’s her first novel.

– Marcin Kube, Rzeczpospolita

In Wniebogłos, Tarnowska skillfully portrayed the stifling, harsh atmosphere of angst and discomfort that permeates the Polish countryside.

– Izabella Adamczewska, Gazeta Wyborcza

In Tarnowska’s empathetic narrative, the struggles of the countryside gain a universal quality, reminiscent of an ancient tragedy.

– Piotr Kieżun, Kultura Liberalna

In her debut novel, Aleksandra Tarnowska offers a well-constructed and unexpectedly refreshing narrative, devoid of all unnecessary embellishments To see someone ready and capable of reaching such quality in writing is truly remarkable.

– Antonina Tosiek, Dwutygodnik